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Fringe: Reciprocity

by Za’chary Westbrook

4 out of 5

Several things set Fringe apart from it’s granddaddy, X-Files. For starters, There’s a tighter chronology. Episodes belong in a certain order, though don’t always get aired in that order. Which gives the writers more room to let the characters grow, something that X-Files didn’t discover until it’s final seasons. Even then, to get much change out of a character meant writing them out of the show for a while and then having v. 2.0 show up in the finale. Continue reading


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Nikita: Free

by Za’chary Westbrook

4 out of 5

I will give his to the CW, that they have perfected a special kind of awful that succeeds in being a guilty pleasure without actually making you kind of a bad person for watching (unlikeĀ Jersey Shore or The Real Whatever of Inconsequential). Nikita is B-grade espionage thrills, no question. But it’s dedicatedly B-grade, you kind of have to love it. It’s not ignorant of it’s low-thrill factor, it just doesn’t care. The action sequences are okay, with the fight scenes knowing how to use the cameras to supplement the choreography, yet there’s a conspicuous lack of car chases and Maggie Q is attractive without ever being really sexy (unless you’re really into women doing karate). Continue reading

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Archer: Swiss Miss

by Za’chary Westbrook

3 out of 5

Much of Archer‘sĀ Season 1 was insufferable. The whole super-secret-agent-is-bad-at-his-job thing was cute in the Pilot, but they squandered that in subsequent episodes by focusing less on the incompetence (Get Smart anyone?) and more on him being a self-centered ass; which only just works parody. The show eventually saved itself by making every other character, save Lana, equally horrible. So, while most of any given episode is people hurling abuse (which would be more fun if the characters were clever), they all kind of deserve it and that is fun. Continue reading

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Friday Round-up

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Bones: The Bullet in the Brain

by Lacie Wallace

“The Bullet in the Brain” 3 out of 5

After quite a few moronic episodes, I had begun to feel like Bones was on the downhill slope. The past few season finales have been trending toward Bones and Booth ending up together and I have always known that as soon as they end up together the show will end. The last few episodes have been rather pedestrian since Booth and Bones are at a standstill (since, oh what? He is with someone else again and she is single? Shocker! That is NOT what happens EVERY season.) and the only new-ish story in development is Angela’s pregnancy. Continue reading

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30 Rock: Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning

by Za’chary Westbrook

“Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning” 4 out of 5

Robert de Niro has not an English accent. Okay, that’s out of the way. Continue reading

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The Office: The Seminar

by Za’chary Westbrook


“The Seminar” 3 out of 5

You had me at Ricky Gervais. Continue reading


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