Bones: The Bullet in the Brain

by Lacie Wallace

“The Bullet in the Brain” 3 out of 5

After quite a few moronic episodes, I had begun to feel like Bones was on the downhill slope. The past few season finales have been trending toward Bones and Booth ending up together and I have always known that as soon as they end up together the show will end. The last few episodes have been rather pedestrian since Booth and Bones are at a standstill (since, oh what? He is with someone else again and she is single? Shocker! That is NOT what happens EVERY season.) and the only new-ish story in development is Angela’s pregnancy.

That being said, I was quite shocked at the opening of this episode.

I wasn’t surprised to see Heather Taffet (The Grave Digger from Seasons 2, 4 and 5) when the episode opened. I read some articles a week or so ago that blatantly told viewers that Taffet would be back and on trial. She is by far one of the creepiest murderers that has ever been a part of this show. Though I had seen it coming, the episode where she is revealed to be the Grave Digger gave me goosebumps. Even in a fake world it is hard to imagine someone that degenerate. I also was not surprised to see Lance Sweets in the transport vehicle with her. The one downfall of the Sweets character is that his naivety and immaturity gets annoying sometimes. For instance, your average “experienced” character who is a forensic psychologist would be fairly tough when it comes to criminals and their mind games. Sweets is the exact opposite. He is visibly shaken by her comments and I just found it annoying.

The real shocker for me was when out of nowhere Taffet’s head exploded. As she stepped out of the vehicle and looked around triumphantly I could clearly see that she was going to be shot. I  didn’t expect her head to burst into a million pieces. Again, Sweets is visibly shaken which I found odd. His age and attitude were at first endearing but are fast growing old.

I was incredibly pleased at the return of Bones’s father to the show. Lovable old Max Brennan. I have always loved the awkwardness and sweetness of the relationship between Booth and Max. I loved his “I love you. And tell everybody I didn’t do it.”

The raw and open confession of the usually tough Caroline Julian was touching. She’s usually so “here’s how it is sugar” that it caught me off guard. Sweets stepped it up at this point and it didn’t make me so sick to my stomach to watch him for the rest of the episode.

It was interesting to watch Booth reconnect and interact with his old military buddies. It does seem like there have been about four or five episodes where Booth knew the shooter (though I can’t remember the exact circumstances) and that doesn’t seem very realistic but the writers always seem to bring it back around and link them somehow. Booth pushes himself with his same old macho attitude and decides to pursue the shooter all by himself. This leads to evidence being destroyed and Booth getting hurt. (AKA Another excuse for the women of the world to see David Boreanaz in a tight shirt without his suit jacket on.) The whole I’m so macho and oh look I got hurt thing sometimes seems overdone, but at the same time he wouldn’t be Seeley Booth unless he kept doing that over and over again.

I LOVE that Bones is slowly opening up to her emotions and not insisting on being so scientifically minded anymore. It is like she finally realized that it doesn’t matter if you are always right all the time if you are not being sympathetic to those around you. Sometimes I feel like I am watching a child discover the world around them. Since she never really had any emotional connections it is like she is learning for the first time about normal emotions which I find fascinating to watch an adult process.

One GIANT piece of criticism. The ending. What the heck? Not only did it suddenly end without a real resolution (hopefully next week’s episode starts the real man hunt?) but it ended with Booth looking longingly out the window toward Bones. Hmmmm. I’m not sure that I am ready for him to realize he’s still in love with her yet.  As I mentioned I think it will signal the end of the good parts of the show.  I don’t really want to watch this turn into a Grey’s Anatomy of a meltdown where I have to watch them break up and get back together again and break up and get back together again. Here’s to hoping they’re not together anytime in the immediate future.


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