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The increasingly long and meandering tale of romance being told to children who really don’t care.

How I Met Your Mother: Oh Honey

By Lacie Wallace

2 out of 5

How I Met Your Mother is quite infamous for its incorporation of famous hot girls as Barney’s various flings throughout the seasons. They have topped themselves with this episode by including Katy (anyone else think that looks like it should be pronounced “catty”?) Perry. Ironically enough, she plays a dumb bimbo…which is exactly what she dresses like most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily a Katy Perry hater. I do think some of her songs are very very catchy. My qualms with her lie in the fact  that she has used solely her sex appeal to become famous. (A not so blasse Brittney Spears, anybody?) At any rate, the small part she played in the show did add to the storyline where Barney is concerned. Continue reading


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