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30 Rock: It’s Never Too Late For Now

by Za’chary Westbrook

3 out of 5


I’m just going to call it: this is 30 Rock‘s last good season. We’ve had five season of quality comedy, that’s something to be proud of and I just hope that Tina Fey and co. give their show the dignity of going out while it’s still funny. (Psst. No Season 6.) At this point, the show is tired. There’s a great cast of awesomely zany characters doing their thing. Unfortunately, it’s the same thing they’ve been doing. That’s necessarily a bad thing, either. It’s been really funny, so far, but now it’s drying up. The characters have done all they’re going to do and tonight’s episode was a showcase for that very fact. Continue reading


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30 Rock: Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning

by Za’chary Westbrook

“Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning” 4 out of 5

Robert de Niro has not an English accent. Okay, that’s out of the way. Continue reading

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