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Bones: The Bullet in the Brain

by Lacie Wallace

“The Bullet in the Brain” 3 out of 5

After quite a few moronic episodes, I had begun to feel like Bones was on the downhill slope. The past few season finales have been trending toward Bones and Booth ending up together and I have always known that as soon as they end up together the show will end. The last few episodes have been rather pedestrian since Booth and Bones are at a standstill (since, oh what? He is with someone else again and she is single? Shocker! That is NOT what happens EVERY season.) and the only new-ish story in development is Angela’s pregnancy. Continue reading


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Meet the Modern Family

(From my point of view).

Meet Claire. Claire is the mother of three children. She is a perfectionist, she is scatterbrained, and she is overbearing at times. She is married to Phil. Phil is a goofball and is your typical dad who doesn’t really know what to say to his two girls and sometimes acts the same age as his son. Claire and Mitchell are siblings. Mitchell is a redhead and is a lawyer. His partner is Cameron. Cameron used to be a vocal instructor but is “out of work right now” so is a stay at home dad to their adopted daughter Lily. Jay is the father of Claire and Mitchell and is a tough ole’ guy who is, of course, a softie when it comes to his grandkids. He is married to Gloria who is a passionate Latina woman who is incredibly overbearing when it comes to her son Manny.

They are my new favorite sitcom family. Continue reading

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